30 Dec
323/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
323/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO800, f2.5, 1/30, raw

In the last few weeks I happened to pass by Piazza Navona so many times than today I figured out I had to take a snapshot of it and include it in the project now that the Christmas Market is still on. Also, this shot is the last memory of my city in this incredible year that 2012 has been for me and my family. By the 31st we’ll be driving East towards the mountains of Abruzzo, to enjoy, with a couple of friends and their two baby daughters, the New Year’s Eve in the cosy place Claudia’s family owns in the little town of Pescocostanzo.
Last time we’ve been there we got stuck in the house for three days due to a tremendous snow storm that hit the region. This time I know better, so I’m constantly checking the forecasts to avoid any crisis. Storms aside, Pescocostanzo is a lovely little medieval town, immersed in a wild mountain area rich of woods, lakes, and healthy stuff to do. I already know that Agata and the other two girls will have tons of fun, while the “grown ups” will enjoy some good air, delicious food, and deep sleeping. The latter especially: for some weird reason, like it’s richer in oxygen or whatever, the air in the mountains has the power to put kids at sleep for way longer than usual. I’m really looking forward to it, I can’t think of any better way to start the new year than by oversleeping for a couple of days…
OK, that said I hope you fellows have all already planned a nice way to celebrate the end of 2012 and the beginning of this promising 2013, whether it is with a big noisy party or with a relaxed dinner with your family or lovers, don’t do anything stupid with the fireworks, don’t drink too much if you have to drive, but mostly don’t let the nostalgia bite you, next year will be way better for each of us, we just have to want it to be!

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  1. Greetings from Ventura, California. I want to wish you a very happy New Year. I love your blog and your photograpy is truly outstanding. I believe your desire to be a professional photographer will be very successful.

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