Photography to me is not a way to document reality, but more the way in which I can suspend reality, with all its physical and societal rules, and turn everything into my dream of it. I love working with complex lights and low light, both in studio and in the open. My favorite subjects are portraits which tell dream-like stories; places which seem daydream scenarios; and surrealistic concepts created in my studio.
My view over the world has been seriously affected by “dreamers” like David Lynch, David Cronenberg, and Federico Fellini, with their ability to transmit the distinct and uncomfortable feeling of not being really awake.
I come from the analog days of the dark room, but my stylistic growth is very digital. I spent most of my life struggling to confine my artistic nature, so I achieved a PhD in biomedical engineering. It didn’t work, nothing works, there’s no cure against the urge to create and communicate, I guess.

Since 2016 I’m the Creative Director of T.O.A.D. Studio, where I apply my creativty to commercial, fashion, and editorial projects.


My work has been featured by national and international magazines, such as: Inside Art, Emerging Photographer, Vogue Italia, GQ, L’Espresso, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 Ore.


My work is represented for commercial and editorial licensing by  Getty ImagesArt+Commerce, and ROOM the Agency. If you are interested in any of my photographs which are not currently licensed by one of the aforementioned agencies, please contact me for further information.

Art Exhibitions

“Free the Naiads!” (2019): Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Algiers).

“Anthropocene” (2017): Arteria Gallery (Barcelona).

“I dreamt of you” (2016): AltaRoma Fashion Week (Rome).

“Dysmoprhophobia” (2015): Ex Zecca di Stato (Rome), Ex Rampa Prenestina (Rome).

“Metamorfoodist” (2015): AND Gallery (Rome).

“X/Y PROJECT” (2014): Musée du Bardo (Algiers), Chiostro del Bramante (Roma).

“Momentary Suspended” (2013): Chiostro del Bramante (Rome), Officina 468 (Rome), and Photolux Festival (Lucca).