21 May

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/5, 1/640, jpeg
Vivid, +2 sharpness, +1 contrast
Photogene on iPad

On the way to Ragusa Ibla we had a short stop in the town of Modica, home of the world famous chocolate, but also an incredibly beautiful Sicilian Baroque town. This is how it looks when viewed from the small football field of the town’s oratory. You don’t need me to tell you how important football is in Italy, nor how pervasive the town’s church is in the life of all the town’s kids, do you? And yet, when I think about these kids who spend their afternoons (and saturdays and sundays) playing football in such a splendid scenario, I get somehow closer in understanding why we Italians love so much our country, are anyway bounded to the Catholic church, and can’t really do (or talk about) much more than football anytime we meet with more than five friends.
At the second day of post-production with Photogene I can already say that this app works really well. First I tweaked the white balance and the sharpness, but then I tried the brushes to locally add a bit of saturation. Snapseed somehow replaced the brushes with the Selective Adjustment tool, but that is no way as effective as the brushes offered by Photogene. Sure, Photogene isn’t free.

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