21 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO200, f/18, 1/125, raw
200W strobe on boom, over subject’s head, 60×60 soft-box

So, this is my body without my mind. The balloon and I swapped roles, I went flying around while it took the free place left by my head. The body was finally free to act for itself. And what did it do? It left the suit for a more sportive leather jacket. I like that. I never thought about a leather jacket, and now that I see one on it I find it brilliant. My body may know better.
With this shot I (temporarily?) close the studio series about “Myself”. It is now time to leave home and see how I interact with the world outside, to find if there are any answers about me hidden out there.
This project turned out to be much more than a “simple” monthly theme. Going clear with myself about myself is the first step, and a very needed one, towards a personal, consistent, and mature artistic approach to photography.
So this is the new challenge. To leave my body freely behave in the world, and to see, with as much detachment as possible, how it interacts. Because my body knows best, and I need to know better.

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