20 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/18, 1/125, raw
200W strobe on boom, over subject’s head, 60×60 soft-box

I need my mind to be freed from my body. I’ve never really done it before, because of lack of reasons. I can’t do these kind of things when there isn’t a good reason. And I got a very good reason this time: I made up my mind to look for myself at the interactions between my body and the rest of the world. And in order for me to proceed with this goal, I first have to be able to look at my body from a distance. I need, that is, separation and detachment.
Not an easy task, to me, to let my mind fly with no pressure, obligations, and deadlines. In part because I’m full of obligations and deadlines, which in turn put me under endless pressure, in part because that’s how I am used to live and operate, under pressure, with clear deadlines, and defined obligations.
So I decided to go by steps. I’ll loose my mind a little bit, letting it flutter about in the open air, but I won’t unleash anything yet, I need some strings to keep my head from tripping to far away, and I need them well tied. Then, we’ll see.
And I did it, freed from my body I now float in the air. Who’s holding the strings?

3 thoughts on “8/365 – “Myself” nr.8”

  1. Hey Luca,

    I see you are enjoying using the studio for this grouping of pictures, I think it will be interesting to turn all the photos into an animation at the end and watch things change around your head/face 😉

    Also I didn’t get my normal daily email today letting me know a new picture was available, is your mailing system operational?

    All the best as always


    1. Hello Erich,
      I’m enjoying the studio work a lot. Here I can take my time to work on the image I’m looking for, it’s really a refreshing and creative approach. The idea about the animation is interesting, I may look into it 🙂
      I don’t know what is happening with the emails. I’ll look into the issue, please let me know if/when you start receiving them again.

      1. I got my email about 30 min after my comment and have got one every day since, so seems fine!okay I’m off to go comment on your breakfast picture now 😉

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