04 Apr

The show must go off. It has to. This square, this city, cannot become a permanent stage for a political/religious event centred around Pope Francesco. Probably someones wish it could, but for the rest of the Roman citizens, and for the majority of the Catholic devoted, there’s a line after which any event becomes pure entertainment, a line which they are not willing to cross for the love of their city, or God, or both.
The Vatican City must know it, if it eventually had the last of the “scaffolding media stages” (sorry but I couldn’t find any better translation, I hope it makes sense) dismantled. The Pope has been elected and the traditional events carried out, the Holy Week is over, and now everything has to go back to the “normality” of the pontiff activities and of the city that hosts the Vatican City and the Holy See.
I’m sure all the positive energy produced by one of the most spirited up pontiff’s kick-offs of all times will last for a while, even without all the world media reporting about it every single day…

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