21 Mar

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/2, 1/2000, raw

The party at Saint Peter seems to never end. So do the manifestation of pure, positive hopes that the crowd puts in the new Pope.

“Hurray for Papa Francesco! Best wishes for your pontiff.
Your name filled me with joy, Papa Francesco, Jesuit, humble and good.
And it made me hope that you, from your high wisdom, will be able to conduct the Church towards the universal peace and true justice for all the people.
I wish that the fullness of your evangelic message will be an example to the whole world.
We love you lots.
Kind regards.”

This what the poster brought by these Spanish devoted reads. Even in its shaky Italian, the message is clear: the new Pope is perceived by many people as “family”, like if he was the priest of their town, and not as “Curia Romana”, that is, part of the political entourage of the Vatican. And like the Chilean family that waved the Che Guevara flag at Papa Francesco’s pontiff inauguration, these Spanish devoted do not hide their hide hopes, all the opposite, they shout it with some happy dancing.
One thing is now sure: the election of the new Pope is producing a great deal of positive energy, and I’m really glad I’m around experiencing the phenomenon.

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