09 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO3200, f/3.2, 1/80, raw

Twenty first day of “Meet Shadow”.

The daily walk with the dog is my quality time. I can leave everything behind and enjoy between half an hour to a whole hour of silence, fast walking, the minimum small-talking with other dog-walkers, and neighbourhood exploration. Fact is, nobody bother the guy who walks the dog, they guess it is the dog who decides routes and stops. I get all the time to explore I want, I can go back and forth in places I like, and nobody notice, or at least care.
After the walk we return to our family. A short call to check out if there’s anything they need from the shops (of course there is, there always is). Today it is chips. Apparently Agata woke up while I was out from her afternoon nap with a horrible mood and refuses to eat anything we have at home. She’s being sick every other day and eating very erratically for the last week, and today is one of those days in which our goal is to feed her, no matter the quality of food.
So, chips. I hope we’ll get to feed her some proper dinner, but at least the chips will keep her happy (and alive) for a while.
Here we are, Ombra and myself, in the elevator on our way home, with a bag full of chips (plus a beer for daddy). The walk is over and in a few seconds we’re going to be sucked in family mood. Served with a side of chips.

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