19 Mar

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/2.8, 1/2000, raw

Will Francesco be the South American Revolutionary Pope the world hopes so much for? It’s still too early to say, but sure the people all but hide their hopes.
San Pietro got crowded again, today, for the official inauguration of the 266th pontiff, the one of Pope Francesco. The tradition wants a long mass, held on the square, just in front of the cathedral, so that the whole crowd (and now the whole world) can attend it. During the celebration, the new Pope receives the official symbols of his papacy: a lamb’s wool shawl, to represent his role as “the good shepherd,” and the Fisherman’s Ring, to represent his role of spreading the gospel. Pope Francesco wanted a second-hand ring, not in gold (like of his predecessors), again reflecting his humility and simplicity.
One hundred and thirty delegations from all around the globe together with (more or less) two hundred thousand people attended the celebration in Piazza San Pietro.
Rome, as you may imagine, was almost completely paralyzed by the event. A big part of the city center was closed to traffic, and a massive deployment of police all around the Vatican City secured the area. I probably never saw so much police in my whole life.

2 thoughts on “35/365 – “Habemus Papam” nr.7”

  1. I’m not religious and I suppose it shouldn’t concern me, but even despite this I get a certain positive feeling from this pope. In these depressing times with the recession and countless scandals in politics and the economy falling apart when people feel completely lost and most see no way out, it feels like he has brought a new ray of hope. Surely he can’t turn things around himself but at least this can be a start. Maybe I’m wrong but somehow it seems things have got a little bit brighter with his election and people look forward to what the future will bring. It’s as if there’s something new and fresh in the air.

    1. Hello Miran, there are many and many people reporting similar thoughts about the new Pope. The feeling is exactly that this time things could change, and that the world really needs things to change if we want to avoid a collapse. I’m sure the Pope (and with him the majority of the Catholic church, since he was elected) understands the situation, and is now working hard to give at least all the signs that he wants to produce that change. That said, only time will show if he’s the right person (and if the Catholic church is really ready) for the change the world needs…

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