04 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO6400, f/2, 1/50, raw

Seventeenth day of “Meet Shadow”.

I had a meeting the whole afternoon. I came back around half past six, when the sky was already dark and outside it was chilly. I came home in the cold and in the darkness after a long three hours meeting (and quite a horrible morning) just to find out that my wife Claudia had left Ombra alone in the terrace for more than one hour, and that Ombra had found the worse way to entertain herself in the meanwhile. She had covered (herself and) the terrace with earth which, under the thin rain we keep enjoying these days, had evolved into sticky mud. That was it: our big terrace and puppy dog were just covered by a thick and sticky layer of mud.
I took a couple of minutes to photograph the mess. Then I had to clean everything, the vases, the terrace, the dog. Quite a long and tiring job. But the job I signed for, as Claudia never miss to remind me. It doesn’t matter how tired I may get, this is the job I signed for.

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