29 Jan

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO125, f/2.8, 1/80, raw

Eleventh day of “Meet Shadow”.

Ombra is the crazy queen of the terrace. She rules over its furniture, and vases, and plants. She runs around, jumps up and down, and sometimes digs the earth out of some vase, making a total mess of her and of the terrace. Then I have to wash her, dry her up, and then to collect the earth, put what I can back into the vases, clean the rest. She loves do this mess when it rains, so the earth becomes mud and all the steps above get just more demanding and tiring.
The thing is, most of the time when she’s out she’s also alone. And after a while she gets bored of just running and jumping and finds something more entertaining things to do. I guess digging and scattering earth must be just it.
In the next days I’ll try to make digging less entertaining by planting a net over the larger vases, but I can’t be sure it will work, the net may just make the game more thrilling. We’ll see.
So, here’s Ombra, the crazy queen of the terrace, puzzled to hear my order to get down from the chair. She’s clearly thinking “this isn’t a chair, this is my throne!”.

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