23 Jan

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO5000, f/2.8, 1/80, raw

Fifth day of “Meet Shadow”.

Agata is having a hard time trying to explain to Ombra that her shoes, socks, toys, dolls, books, and food isn’t for a dog to eat but for a little girl to wear, play with, read, and eat. The thing is, everything Agata does she does it at Ombra’s nose height, and Ombra can’t resist to smell whatever is at her height, which produces inevitable sweet crisis between the two puppies in my home.
That said, Agata is super happy about having Ombra with us. She keeps repeating “how nice that there is Ombra with us”, which is a pretty clear way to put it. And, you know, Agata’s love for dogs (and especially for her lost dog Lucy, but I’ll be back to it tomorrow) is the main reason we got a dog. That, and my love for dogs. Claudia is more of a cat person. Anyway, Agata is in love with her dog, beside the continuos conflict about what’s whose to play or eat. And Ombra is in love with Agata, beside the continuos attempt to herd her. And I’m in love with both and with having both loving each other, beside the need to keep constantly an eye on them whenever are together.

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