15 Feb
3/365 "Myself" nr.3 by Luca Rossini
3/365 “Myself” nr.3, a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO50, f/18, 1/125, raw
200W strobe on boom, over subject’s head, 60×60 soft-box

I love food. Seriously, I love it. Excellent food to me is better than anything else, and I mean anything. The good (or bad) thing is that here in Rome, and in Italy in general, excellent food is easy to find and in great variety. I could spend every day of my life eating excellent meals without ever finding it repetitive. Obviously I don’t (that would be expensive, plus it would eventually kill me), but every time I’m not eating something excellent, I inevitably think about what I’m missing, and I get sad. True story.
So, that’s who I am, one of those people who’ll struggle their entire life not to be fatties, knowing that fat-land is just behind the corner, should they follow their attitude. Honestly, I’m currently loosing the fight, I put on a lot of weight in the last two years, mostly because with two jobs I never had time for any physical activity, plus good wine and food relieved me from all the stress that two jobs inevitably put me through.
Now, with my new life organization I should finally be able to put some sport in my agenda, some jogging, biking, or whatever else will help me consume a big chunk of all the calories an Italian foodie can ingest daily. I really need that, or I will eventually succumb under the weight of my dangerously unbalanced diet.

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