20 Nov
283/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
283/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander nokton 50mm f1.1
Camera: NEX-7, ISO100, f16, 1/125, raw

I saw three out of four models being kicked out by my client. It was kind of brutal, but I guess it happens pretty often. Now we are in a urge to find new models. We’re working on it, we already spent most of the afternoon going through our respective agendas, Julia, Claudia and myself, so far we fixed another three potential candidates. Between Sunday and Monday they’ll be scrutinized and we’ll know if we’re finally ready to proceed to the next step, the real shooting.
The latter puts me under a lot of pressure. I never had (a chance) to work with several models (six to ten), shooting them all the same day, producing consistent work with all the shots. With my portraits I usually work by reading the person, the environment, and then letting the improvisation bring me to the shot. If the person is a natural poser I get the whole figure, when he/she is totally not I focus on the face. I play with the light each time to improve the person’s qualities and to disguise the flaws and imperfections.
OK, I also did a few jobs in which I had to guide the person “modeling” for me, like the last Saturday with Vanessa Cerrone, but it had always been with one person at the time. I know for experience that who’s not familiar with the camera needs a while to get used to it, so I start always taking shots I know I will never use just to help him/her to get at ease.
This time, however, I’ll face a strict schedule, six-ten non professional models to shoot with delivery of two different, but consistent, portraits for each one. Very little time and improvisation on my side. Very high expectation and hurry on my client’s. I’m not panicking, I’m just letting the pressure rising on me, because I know I can handle pressure and that it helps me focus and get ready. I know I’ve chances to perform well, and that at my age I have to jump a stage every time I have a chance to. I did it with the reportage (Sony), with editorials (L’Espresso), and now it’s time to do it with fashion photography.
Sure enough I keep studying, and Julia keeps being so kind to model for me. Today I made use of the new studio equipment to try more complex lightings and poses. It took me quite a while to get the shape I was looking for, especially hands and arms required much more effort than I expected in getting properly placed. And I really love my black background and they way I can make the subject “emerge” from it.

2 thoughts on “283/365(+1)”

  1. Good morning Luca!

    Sounds like a harsh world for the models! Very inspirational to read of your dedication to master this different facet of photographic art!

    I know I don’t need to say it, but keep at it!


    1. Hey Erich, it’s always nice hearing from you 🙂
      Modeling is much more difficult than it can seem at first, it’s physically exhausting and mentally fatiguing… keeping a pose which looks dynamic even if it’s static, not letting your eyes to “fade out”, putting always the emotion the photographer is asking for… I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be good at it, I can pose solely for self-portrait…!
      I promise you I’ll keep at it as much as I can!!!

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