01 Nov

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO50, f/11, 1/160, raw

Nineteenth day of “Metamorfoodist”.

“Translucencies” Menu, fifth recipe.
The Chef Lorenzo Mazzoni says:
Petals of Laurel-Smoked Beef Tagliata with Gran Cru Beer Caviar (“Petali di Tagliata di Manzo affumicata all’Alloro con Caviale di Birra Gran Cru”).
After a meditative slow smoking with laurel and pine curls, the beef gets “bruschettata” (a special way of grilling) and then finely sliced with a knife. The meat gets served with a “sferificazione” of gran cru beer (a molecular-cooking preocedure to transform a great growth beer into a caviar-like gelatine) which adds the right amount of sour necessary to properly taste the dish.

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