29 Oct

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO50, f/11, 1/160, raw

Sixteenth day of “Metamorfoodist”.

“Translucencies” Menu, second recipe.
The Chef Lorenzo Mazzoni says:
Paprika/Turmeric Greek Feta and Parmesan Bonbons with a heart of Nuts, Spinach Salad and Chestnut Honey filled Grapes (“BonBon di Feta Greca e Parmigiano con cuore di Noci alla Paprika/Curcuma, Insalata di Spinacetti ed Uva al Miele di Castagno”).
Feta cheese has a shamelessly sincere taste , and yet it can be domesticated by those who stands out authoritatively, like spices. The turmeric and paprika which envelop some of the bonbons show what they are made of and the taste of all the ingredients (cheese, spices, and the hart of nuts) emerge distinctively. The grapes filled with chestnut honey, together with the spinach salad, work as moderators in this hard fight for the seizure of taste.

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