15 Oct

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO160, f/18, 1/125, raw

Second day of “Metamorfoodist”.

“Transformations” Menu, second recipe.
The Chef Lorenzo Mazzoni says:
Nice’s Zucchini Carpaccio marinated with Chardonnay and parsley, with Batonette of battered Roman Zucchini fries (“Carpaccio di Zucchine Nizzarde marinate con Chardonnay e Prezzemolo, con Batonette di Zucchine Romanesche fritte in Pastella”).
Nice’s zucchini is the gorgeous zucchini. Rounded and graceful, it gives, if finely sliced, a number of hosts which seems to be born to play in symmetric games of garniture. Let’s add that it tastes wonderfully and the deal is done. When lightly marinated with Chardonnay and crumbled parsley, the hosts of Nice’s zucchini are a perfect base to sustain the robustness of battered (flour and water) Roman zucchini fries.

One thought on “244/365 – “Metamorfoodist” nr.2”

  1. Ok, here comes the last review for a while (find others in previous pictures). I’ll writing more reviews of your themes as soon as you end them.

    This is a theme that shares certain similarities with your earlier ‘I’m Batman’ and I see this theme parallel to that. First of all, you have ‘a recipe’ for pictures and you use a same object in every picture, earlier it was mask and here it is Alien. But there is at least one major difference, which is emotional angle: I’m Batman was fun and lighthearted, this one is dark and shares a certain amount of dark humor. This theme shares also a certain risk of repetition because of the ‘recipe’ and recurring Alien. However, I think here it works better, because using the alien mascot you present always a different interpretation of what is alienating in our current lifestyle – so in effect there is less repetition. Somehow I also think these kind of dark themes are more suitable to you than lighter themes. : D Maybe it’s because I’ve seen so many lo-key shots in your Nex-7 blog or maybe it’s because dark themes speak to us more because of they have more psychological complexity and drama.

    Watching these pictures I find myself laughing in a dark approbative manner – we all know how easy it is alienate yourself by adopting certain kind of small habits. I particularly found pictures 10, 12, 13 and 26 very expressive when it comes criticizing our lifestyle. Then there is one picture that looks emotionally different than others: 28. I don’t know if it reflects the sad news about your dog, but I find that picture so movingly melancholic that I really had to stop before it and search my feelings more deeply. To me, this says that our need for simple esthetics and authenticity are another form of alienation. This is a very sad idea and I find this picture to be one of the most emotional shots you’ve done (when interpreted in context of this theme).

    Why I liked this theme? Emotionally dark and done in lo-key is somewhat similar what you did in Nex-7 blog. I love these kind of shots that have certain recognizable feeling that speaks to dark side of me. I also love the use of black in photographs, which is why this theme served a good amount of nice photography. Well done!! Btw, I knew you had to end this theme with a some sort of camera-shot. 😀

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