One thought on “242/365 – “Alien(ation)” nr.30”

  1. Another day, another review:

    This theme is very light and uplifting – and I think most of your readers (followers) have loved this. You have chosen to take almost all of these in a daylight, which, compared to originally very dark themes of the ‘dark knight’, underlines ordinary of the subjects. Because the nature of the theme I find it hard to find right angle for the review – maybe it’s because jokes cease to exist as soon as they are explained. I guess these would be kind of ‘environmental portraits’ and I think all of these are very nicely done photographs. Looking at these I find myself wondering how on earth you get exposure, colors etc. so right all the time? It was fun to follow this theme.

    As I compare this theme to your other themes, I must confess I think the original idea doesn’t carry through all the 30 pictures and I think it is because of repetition. Batman mask brings in certain unexpectedness for sure but it tends to wear after 30 pictures. However there are some gems right there: 4 (just hilarious!!), 9 (I hope the ordered it as well as other wedding pics), 16 and 17.

    Why I liked this theme? I think you have created a nice set of pictures where you present subject and its work, tools etc. in a very nice way. This sure gives inspiring ideas to anyone. Perfect ending picture!

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