One thought on “241/365 – “Alien(ation)” nr.29”

  1. So here I am again and here is my fifth review:

    OMG, this theme is so perfectly executed I have trouble to come up with words!! When I first time red the description of the X/Y project, I was a bit skeptical and thought that it sounded like some sort of pseudo-philosophical and pretentious ‘art language’ – and tell you the truth I was kind of disappointed to see it in your otherwise very clever blog. However, after the half of the pictures were done I was sold to this theme. With these pictures (and texts) you and your collaborators have opened up some kind of a subjective world to which anybody can relate to. Every pair of these pictures are such perfectly done its hard to find the best ones (and it must have been very tedious to find all those stuff you see in them). But I had to choose they might be 13+14, 23+24 & 25+26. And because these are really a work of art, I hope you find some artistic home for these.

    Why I liked this theme? Reading the descriptions of the pictures I found myself asking myself similar kind of questions, whether I too feel myself somewhat divided. As a theme, this is up there with the Habemus Papam!!

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