08 Oct
240/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
240/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO1600, f2.5, 1/10, raw

My mood is getting darker and darker every single day. Pessimism is stronger than ever. And gloom is the only emotion shining in my eyes. The reason why I’m like this is simple: there are too many reasons. I mean, too many ugly or depressing or nasty things to cope with are happening all together.
I mean, I was kind of able to keep a sort of “zen” approach to this whole disgusting political situation all around the world, which unfortunately has the peak of ridiculousness here in Italy, but now I realize that I’m not so zen anymore, I’m actually getting prone to rage. The reason is simple. For the first time I have to do a direct math over the last scandal: the “Regione Lazio”, that is, the regional government that rules the whole area of Lazio, where Rome is, literally stole a lot of money. Some of them found a way to give themselves salaries of more than fifty thousands euros per month, net of tax, plus travels all around the world, expensive hotels, parties (with the obvious presence of prostitutes), and everything else you can imagine, everything paid with our taxes. In the meanwhile, they stopped paying for the health care because “there wasn’t money anymore”.
The health care in Italy is a strange thing, we all have a public health insurance which covers almost everything, but not everything is supplied by public hospitals. For example, here in Lazio the rehabilitation after a stroke is usually provided by private clinics, like the one in which I work. Rehabilitation is included in the public health insurance, hence the patients do not have to pay. They get the service and then the clinic asks the region to pay back. But the region doesn’t, because those people (we have voted for) are sniffing, drinking, and fucking our money, so there aren’t any for paying the therapists, the doctors, and the scientists. I’m coordinating millions of euros of national scientific projects for which we haven’t been payed even a single cent in more than one year, and our August salary has not been payed yet. All because the region has no money (for us).
I feel like there is no space anymore for those who provide services, care, and build the future. Our politicians seem to be the first ones who lost any hope in the future of this country, since they are just trying to get as much laid and rich as possible before the apocalypse falls on us all.
However, I can’t accept this fate for the very simple reason that I need the world to keep going on for at least another ninenty years, because I want Agata to have a good life from start to end. So, for as dark as the road can be, there is always this powerful light reminding me why I shall keep going.

7 thoughts on “240/365(+1)”

  1. if we look at the world through the lenses they want to put in front of our eyes.
    the world has to be thrown away.
    the world is sick and hopeless.
    we have to remember one important thing
    the world is you.
    the world is all of us.
    we can change the world.
    not with wars or revolutions.
    you change the world by changing ourselves.
    doing the right things.
    looking for and defend what is good, what is beautiful
    trying to figure out what is right.
    looking and wanting a better future.
    not a better future for you or me but for all
    those in power, politicians are a reflection of how we have done to date.
    change the way we act.
    take in hand our lives.
    build a better world is possible.
    you can change the world, because the world we are!

  2. I find it hard to approach the world with positive eyes, when I hear of the constant turmoil, greed and disgust in the world. Being a Climate scientist means that I often consider problems on a much larger scale than any party-political 4-year cycle, and think about humanity in 100-1000 years. I wonder what the Earth will be like. I wonder if humanity will make it, or if we’ll go thundering back to the stone-age after a thermonuclear war.

    Knowing that I will some day return to the UK, within the next 2 years, puts me in a strange position. There’s lots I miss, but also lots I hate and despise and never want to see or hear about. Crime on every level. From the poor to the rich, no-one is inherently good. Selfishness and greed.

    One big difference between you and I, is that you have Agata – a limitless potential. All you can do is that best you can do, which I’m sure you’re doing.

    1. thank you Martin! I know what you’re feeling about UK, it’s the same feeling I had about Italy when I lived in the Netherlands. I felt somehow protected from the scandals, ashamed but detached. When we moved back it didn’t last long before I started being much more angry and lot less detached…

  3. The world around us is turning out to be more and more inhumane, mainly because of a bunch of politicians who rule us (unfortunaltly selected by ourself). A handfull of people for their personal gains are screwing up lifes of millions.
    The life in our state(Kerala, India) used to be a lot peaceful and enjoyable (!) in past years, now a days its like absolute chaos. Every day new scandals involving astornishing amount of money is coming out and nothing happens the same people continue to rule and enjoy the power.
    Thankfully as you have Agatha, I have Neeraj my 5 year son for whom I can cope up with the chaos. I too want to make world better for him.

    1. Hello Nagendra, thanks fro sharing your thoughts with us 🙂
      I agree, the most irritating and frustrating thing is that, no matter how big or disgusting these scandals are, those people do never resign and keep ruling and enjoying the power. It’s like we somehow managed to turn democracy into a new version of monarchy…
      keep working on a better world for your son Neeraj, that’s all we can do 🙂

      1. what they want from us is that we have no hope.
        what they want from us is that we feel alone.
        what they want from us is that we are content with little or much we have.
        what they want from us is that we stop fighting.

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