10 Oct

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO500, f/2.5, 1/50, raw

I know I missed a day. It never happened before, for the last 604 days. And I am sorry. Fact is yesterday morning my dog Lucy died. She was 15, we shared together her entire life and my most important years, from my first day at the university till what I am now. I’m still overwhelmed with emotions, I know she was really old and all that, but still. Still. So, yesterday it was just, simply, totally impossible for me to step back, take a breath, and open my mind, heart, and eyes for even a single shot. I kept everything well shut. Just in case. Today wasn’t easy either, but hey, life must go on. Doesn’t it? It does.
I’ll catch up with the missing shot/day later on, probably with the upcoming new theme, not with Alien(ation), not yet.

Twenty seventh day of “Alien(ation)”.
“shower shaver”.

2 thoughts on “239/365 – “Alien(ation)” nr.27”

  1. Very sorry to hear about Lucy. Even if it’s obvious I want to say that you have of course very good reasons to miss a day and I’m sure no one is expecting you to deliver when something sad has happened in your family. Take all the rest you feel you need.

    Here is my third review (earlier reviews can be seen from previous picture, in case you haven’t noticed them).

    Dolls house is a great idea and perhaps the most creative of all your themes (so far). I made a mistake of expecting some sort of story while watching these for the first time and I was kind of lost. When I reviewed this afterwards I thought this is a very unique set of pictures that definitely captures the original idea and there is certainly an odd that reminds of Crewdson. Dolls house put you into very tight physical limits and I think best shots are those which have enough small details to share with a feeling that something odd has just happened, like for example 2, 7, 20 and 26. There are also couple of shots which don’t work as nicely – maybe it’s because dolls don’t have such a rich facial expression as real humans which would guide the expectations of a watcher. But then again, it’s also the source of oddness. These pictures tend to work a lot better when you look at them full-screen (or big print), because then you can see all the small details such as book names in shelf etc. At the end you seem to have found a new dimension of oddness that I think works very nicely with a doll house (19, 20, 24, 27). It was truly amazed to see at the end how small the actual dolls house really is.

    Why I liked this theme? You created an artificial and odd micro-world out of dolls house, which was totally unexpected. Even with the Crewdson influences you showed me something I haven’t seen before. Very creative!

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