19 Sep
221/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
221/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander nokton 50mm f1.1
Camera: NEX-7, ISO800, f1.4, 1/160, raw

Almost every surface, if looked at from a low angle, reflects as a mirror what’s on its top. It’s a physical rule of optics, but it almost sounds as a philosophical fact. Almost everything is a mirror, it’s just a matter of perspective.
The glass table in front of which Claudia sits at, for example, is completely transparent, as far as you don’t look at it from a very low angle, because then it starts reflecting as an almost perfect mirror. The night was deep and dark behind her, and Claudia was lit by the Caboche chandelier and her iPhone screen. This is what makes her emerging from darkness.
We are not emerging from the dark times, though. The last few weeks have been incredibly intense, and the next days aren’t going to be any less. We have to shoot a baptism on Saturday, a wedding on Sunday, then on Monday early morning I’ll fly to Amsterdam for a two days meeting for an European research project from which I won’t be back before Wednesday.
By then I don’t know if hoping things will get calmer or the opposite, for much tiring things currently are, they’re also very exciting. I don’t think I want to slow the pace down, on the opposite I wish I could make it our cruising speed.
Ah, this evening we finally put online the new website for Rossini Photography, where we promote our services to the “private sector”, that is, weddings and maternity/baby/family portraits. It had been designed on WordPress with the same Albedo theme I used for my personal website, but we tweaked it a bit so each one has its own personality. Please, let me know how do you like it 🙂

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