05 Mar

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO250, f/2.8, 1/80, raw

They are my in-laws. Like my parents, they are still together, after more than 35 years of marriage. Their first born daughter left home, like I did, when she was 24, to move in with me. Her sister did the same shortly after. Differently to my parents, they don’t live together alone, because their third son is still with them, currently studying Mechanical Engineering.
To me, they represent the relativism in its best form. They are very much different from my parents, almost the opposite in many respects, and yet they look incredibly similar. They are still in love, still together, very sweet with their grandchildren, and mostly they raised my perfect match. So, even approaching things with diametrically opposite approaches, you can end up with freakishly close results. I’m not sure if this means that we really have no control over the results of our actions, and then the approach is all we have to assess our ideas and individuality, or if it instead means that we want our approaches to assess our ideas and individuality, but by the end of the day we come under so many compromises that the results tend to look more or less the same. Thing is, I still (want to) believe that right and wrong exist, but I stopped thinking that our lives depend so much on them.
Anyway, he’s my father in law, a business man with two degrees in engineering, who survived a stroke and more recently a heart attack without any permanent damages, in love with wine, food, and sailing. That is, he’s a hard worker, a tough and smart, who knows how to enjoy life.
She’s my mother in law, a housewife with a degree in architecture, one of the most devoted mothers and wives I ever met, someone who’s constantly willing to give a hand to her two daughters and one son, plus working full time to help her husband with his business organization. She’s the kind of woman we all would have dreamed as grandmother. I’m so glad my daughter has this privilege.

2 thoughts on “21/365 – “Myself” nr.21”

  1. Excellent photos of your family but also wonderful and thoughtful text to accompany them. I always enjoy reading the text as much as viewing the photos themselves. 🙂

    Just one small note if you don’t mind. I’ve noticed you ofteb use the word “niece” when in fact I think you mean “grandchild”. Niece is the daughter of your brother/sister while the children of your children are called grandchildren. 😉

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