11 Sep

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO1000, f/2, 1/80, raw

Thirtieth day of the “Family Holidays” theme, today Agata spent her day at school with her mother, which already left her by her own (sure, with all the kids and the teachers) for a good whole hour, so that Agata could start to understand that the kindergarten is not a place where parents are. It takes a mother’s love to leave the daughter in tears, I guess, if it was me I already know my instinct to comfort her would have prevailed. Off course, Claudia never really left, but rather she spent the day in a separate room with a window to look at Agata without Agata seeing her. So, when they were back our daughter was more than a bit needy of cuddles and attention, so I took most of the afternoon off and had a long walk around the neighborhood, followed by a long, warm, bubble-bath and a good dinner. Tomorrow it’s my turn to bring her (and to fake-abandon her) at school, so I guess I’m paying my debt in advance…

One thought on “211/365 – “Family Holidays” nr.30”

  1. Haha, now I understand why statistically on average people in Italy live with their parents until well into their thirties. You’re conditioned to be overly attached to each other from a very early age! 😆 My daughter’s (she’ll be three in a month) transition to kindergarten was very painless. The first day she was left alone for an hour, the second day she spent half a day without parents and ate lunch there, the third day she spent almost the whole day and took her afternoon nap there and from the fourth day forward she spends 8-9 hours there. Never any tears or complaints. Children are very adaptive and adjust very quickly as long as you let them. 😉

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