04 Sep
205/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
205/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO100, f7.1, 1/200, raw

The waltzer of meetings has started again, first at the office, then at the university, then back home for document editing, still fighting with the DNS nameservers and A records for my new site, quite in a hurry because everything has to be online within this week, since I need the site on google before the HUGE thing which is going to be unveiled next week.
The weather here in Rome is as confused and irritable as I am. Big dramatic clouds, rainfalls, shiny and warming sun, everything illuminated, everything changing constantly, and so you get large pounds where the sun can’t reach and dry, super green and happy grass where it survived the summer (usually only thanks to automatic watering), grey burned fields for the rest, the ground so dry it doesn’t turn into mud, it just keeps drinking whatever amount of water the sky keeps pouring, now and then, violently and spectacularly.
I think this is the very first time in my life that I shoot a pound mirroring the sky (or whatever else, for what matters). Partially it is because I usually find it cheesy. But also because I usually “don’t see” them, and how can I shoot something I don’t even see? So, why did I see it today? Not sure, it was probably due to the dramatic blue/cloudy sky reflecting within the porch, just so close to the beautiful and emerald-green grass. It’s like nature is leaking everywhere into reality, turning our ephemeral weirdly over-organized world into what it was meant to be, a blue/brown/green ball space-traveling the universe.
“Oh, the passenger
He rides and he rides
He looks through his window
What does he see?
He sees the sign and hollow sky
He sees the stars come out tonight
He sees the city’s ripped backsides
He sees the winding ocean drive
And everything was made for you and me
All of it was made for you and me
‘Cause it just belongs to you and me
So let’s take a ride and see what’s mine”
(The Passenger, Iggy Pop)

5 thoughts on “205/365(+1)”

    1. cheers! usual pp, nothing special, colors are usually great at crazy-weather days such this… the blue in the pond almost touching the green of the grass is what caught my eye in the first place 🙂

    2. Yup, thought as much. I don't mind one bit if people do PP. I know plenty of people can be very snobby, and HDR isn't to my personal tastes, but photography _is_ art, after all!

      Off-topic, but would your recommendation (at this stage) be to get the NEX6, NEX 7 or hold out for a full frame? Right now, I am thinking that the initial price of a Fulle Frame NEX would be so high, and that my cropped lenses wouldn't get much benefit. I may as well get an NEX 6 or 7 and enjoy the viewfinder 🙂

      As you can see, I am somewhat impatient waiting for 12th September!

    3. on what post processing is in the digital era I will one day or another write an article. The fact is that those obsessed with the shot “as it came out of the camera” simply ignore what the raw-jpeg compressor embedded in their cameras is actually doing: post-processing! The thing is, though, that if you shoot jpeg only you loose the negative, that is, the pure photograph you took. Film where designed to have personality, they were more or less dedicated to certain kind of photography, sensors can't be because you can't change them without changing the body, so raw files have to be the more neutral and boring as possible, so that you can twist them as you need. It's as simple as that, the shot “as it comes out of the camera” is a boring raw or it is a post-produced jpeg.

      regarding the 6-7-ff dilemma, I wouldn't wait for the latter, it may not even exist for what we know. The 12th of September is so close that I would wait a week and see what happens.

    4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I feel exactly the same. Instagram has created a lot of hate from photography snobs, but the fact of the matter is simply what you've written above; film cameras have their own characteristics and so do development processes.

      I shoot raw and then adjust to my tastes, from simple white balance adjustments to tonal curves and saturation.

      Either way, an inspiring image. Reflections can be quite beautiful, often due to some of the polarising benefits.

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