03 Sep

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/2.5, 1/200, raw

Twenty second day of the “Family Holidays” theme, at sunset a gentle breeze blows on the beach, refreshing enough for Agata and I to have a walk “in the wild” (bushes and dunes) for some flower-picking. I’m amazed at how a little girl may behave as a perfect little girl without anyone teaching her anything about it. I mean, since Agata got able to express (in any way) her preferences, she made clear she liked: coddling dolls, keeping the house in order, picking flowers, and of course anything that is pink. Nor Claudia or myself ever told her she should do anything on that list, Agata simply happened naturally to like girlish stuff. And when I look Agata’s little boy-friends I notice how “boy-ish” they are. Boys will be boys. And girls will be girls.

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