30 Aug
200/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
200/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander nokton 50mm f1.1
Camera: NEX-7, ISO1600, f1.1, 1/30, raw

TWO HUNDRED DAYS!!! Wow, this is some sensible number, isn’t it? Two hundred days in which life has taken its path, for each of us. My path is probably fuzzier than it was two hundred days ago, but more stimulating for sure. And we changed house. And neighborhood. And lifestyle (we change it almost daily, with Agata growing and subsequently ruling our lives).
Yeah, the best living time-metering system is surely a baby. You can measure days, weeks seem months, and months seem years. I could almost keep a daily photographic project on the new things she learns to do, or on how her personality delineates and grows richer and richer.
Fact is, now she watches telly standing on her own (almost), and chats a lot (in her own language) but she seems to understand most of the things we tell her, and wants to eat whatever we’re eating, and likes music and dancing, and kisses, and she hugs, and she gives high-five, and every day she does, knows, or shows something more.
So, two hundred days of nex-7 can seem a lot, but are really nothing compared to what she achieved. While being always happy and playful. That’s the spirt I need. OK, my daughter just gave me the first life-lesson.

5 thoughts on “200/365(+1)”

  1. You know I have trouble remembering having two fun days in a row let alone 200 odd like your daughter has, def a good lesson to learn. Hopefully she won't have to learn the lesson's we needed to anytime soon and will continue her fun streak as long as possible! Congrats on number 200 but I'm glad to know we still have over a 150 to go! 🙂 It will be interesting to see if your life has changed by then … it will be well into a new year by the time your project is complete! But for now enjoy every photo chance each day as tomorrow is a promise for no man!

    1. This is a fantastic comment, Eric, thanks so much for posting it! Yeah, we still have a lot of days and shots ahead, and I'm also thrilled to see how my life will have changed by then (cause I know it will). What is crazy about this project, is that after a while I started feeling like the character of this blog, and I'm as curious to see what will come next exactly as you are… mmm, this could be a good topic for a post…

  2. if i'd have to characterise the photographic brand luca r. – as it is sketched in this blog – with only three keywords, i would choose

    – clarity,
    – variety,
    – quality.

    congratulations on your 200 posts!

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