31 Aug

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/2.5, 1/2000, raw

Nineteenth day of the “Family Holidays” theme, it’s day Two-Hundred of the “365 Days of RX1: one camera, one lens, twelve projects” blog. With that, today is also the day my family got invited to the summer-house of a couple of my parents’ friends. What’s special of this summer-house is that it has a pool with a 180° view over the sea. It faces the islands of Giglio (and the enormous Costa Concordia…) and Montecristo (plus, if the air is crisp enough, the far Corsica). The view is simply astonishing… and yet, Agata likes the pool way more than the view! After all these days getting used to swim in the sea, even when it was a bit rough, playing in a pool was like a revelation to her. She realized she’s able to actually swim in the desired direction (while in the sea she was more dragged by the current than anything), plus she enjoyed the (plenty of) pool-toys of the two grandchildren who live in the house (and play in the pool).

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