20 Aug
190/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
190/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO100, f4, 1/200, raw

The last time I’ve been in Sardinia it was 2009, and it was 1991 when I’ve been here on a boat. So, while sailing around the beautiful shores and islands in the north of the region, I can’t help but to be overwhelmed by the memories of my past lives and, for as crazy as it sounds, they both seem equally far in time… In 2009 Agata wasn’t even in our minds, I was trying to get rid of my photography obsession for the sake of my PhD Thesis, and (it never happened again) I was exquisitely fit. In 1991 I was only twelve, so, needless to say, it was a totally different story.
So, here we are, anchored in the wonderful bay of Tavolara Island, enjoying the slow rolling and the gentle breeze of a perfect Italian summer night. In the late afternoon we went to the shore, in a place where a narrow tongue of sand stands in the middle of the sea. Agata loved it, we played with the sand and swam in the warm waters till sunset, then I took the picture and we moved back to the boat.
She’s quickly transforming from an infant into a toddler, that is, from a strange human-like animal into a very small person. It’s an amazing metamorphosis, and I’m really glad to be on holidays so that I can fully enjoy the show.

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