02 Mar

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO1000, f/2.5, 1/80, raw

She’s my wife. She’s a former marketing manager at a television channel, currently my “associate” in the photography business. Thanks to her marketing background, she built up “Rossini Photography”, our brand for wedding photography, family portraits, etc. She’s a bright, self confident, highly motivated and goal oriented woman, and I think that ten years ago I chose her exactly for these qualities. Well, if I did I was farsighted.
Now, running a family business isn’t easy. For her I am her lover, her best friend, her husband, the father of her daughter, her colleague, and her associate. A lot of things, I almost have to cover the whole possible figures in her life. The thing is obviously mutual, she has to be to me all the same things.
Which means that we don’t pass really much time without being together. And now that I left my “office job”, without being in the same place, which is our studio, which is our home.
So, how’s she when I’m not around? Well, if she isn’t at her desktop doing post-production or answering emails, or with her daughter, feeding her, cleaning her, washing her, walking her out, in those sporadic moments in which she’s not focused on her job or motherhood, she’s most probably taking care of herself.
Claudia is vain, but in the good way. Especially for me, her husband, because I can only benefit from her little vain. Sure, if I’m home I start complaining for how long she takes to put on her makeup. But today I’m not, for the sake of the project, and she can take all the time she wants.
Claudia has something I don’t have. She knows how to look at her best, and what others like to see. I say I don’t care but, truth is, I simply can’t figure out how it works. She says I’m the artist of the couple, but I must admit that, at least when it comes to weddings, if I’m the artist, she’s the artistic director.

2 thoughts on “18/365 – “Myself” nr.18”

  1. i am enjoying your work. you are fortunate and blessed to have a great partner. i only hope to find the same for myself someday. your work inspired me to pick up a NEX-6 for my Leica M-mount lenses. i hope to start a similar blog for my friends and family, and myself, of course.

    you are amazinlgy talented, Luca! you see light very well. your work is a blessing and an inspiration to me!

    take care!

    michael j hoffman
    delta, pennsylvania, usa

    1. Hi Michael, thank you so much for you really kind comment.
      I’m glad my work serves as an inspiration, I’m sure you’ll love the NEX-6. Starting a blog is easier than you may think, just try to “survive” for the first week, then it will became unstoppable 🙂

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