28 Feb
17/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
17/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO1600, f5.6, 1/20, vivid

We are finally back home! No storm today, the sun was so hot that there was no ice on the roads. I worked for the whole morning, then we had an amazing lunch at Paolino (if you ever come to be in Pescocostanzo, please have a meal there), finally packed the family and hit the road.
We can’t drive for long anymore, since Agata has to eat, sooner or later. We stopped at a gas station at dusk and during baby feeding I went for a walk with the dog. I had never shot a gas station before this one and I loved the lights (and the mountains in the background too). And I loved the rangefinder lens: once closed on f5.6 and set the range of depth of field, I never had to worry about focusing, it was just plain fun with composing.

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