03 Aug
173/365(+1) by Luca Rossini
173/365(+1), a photo by Luca Rossini on Flickr.

Lens: Voigtlander color-skopar 35mm f2.5
Camera: NEX-7, ISO320, f2.5, 1/200, raw

Summer is now literally burning the city, with many fires starting in the “green” areas of Rome. Compared to the 8-16 °C I got used to in Alaska, the 34 °C here in Rome seem now unbearable. I feel like burning too. Plants are suffering too, they now need frequent watering, usually provided by our maid-nanny Mae.
Agata loves her and spends her time chasing her by crawling all around the house. She’s moving her first steps too. She gets so excited when she manages to walk all around the couch, using only one hand as support… the only problem of all this activity is that she gets very hot and sweats copiously all day long.
I now understand why in Italy we need to bring babies and kids to the beach at summer, because they are totally unable to cope with the hot weather by reducing their activities. So I’ll try to get rid of my urgent deadlines by tomorrow so to bring the family to our summer house at least for the week end. Agata will be crawling and walk-attempting on the beach while Claudia will be sunbathing, everyone fully enjoying the beauty of the Italian summer.

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