10 Jul

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO200, f/11, 1/125, raw

X/Y PROJECT – Maura Manfredi and Luca Rossini
Character nr.13 – X

Evelina Ambrogio, Lawyer. Creative Guest of the X/Y PROJECT.
“There are two distinct, rival and yet inescapable, forces that drive me. One pushes me to hold onto rules and integrity, the other pulls me towards freedom of expression. I recognize myself as an adult in the first one, and as the child I used to be, and I never really ceased to, in the second. Since I can’t, and don’t want to, reject any of these forces, I managed to let them separately rule my life, one at work (where I’m a lawyer) and the other during my free time (which I spend singing and playing music).
Silence, professionalism, duress, austerity, and responsibility, those are both my job’s and my need-for-rules’ features. Dynamism, fantasy, freedom of speech and expression, rhythm, and musicality, these instead are the features of both my passion for music and of my child-like lightheartedness.”

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