05 Jul

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO200, f/16, 1/15, raw

X/Y PROJECT – Maura Manfredi and Luca Rossini
Character nr.12 – Y

Ursula Persiani, Artist & Photographer. Creative Guest of the X/Y PROJECT.
“Being one of the participants of the historical fall of the “Western Model” forces us to live an excruciating dichotomy. On one side there’s the life model they grew us up in, the “American Dream” based on speculative dynamics, while on the other side there’s the inheritance of that same model, the ruins of a world collapsing under the weight of its own products (financial, political, and societal). In the middle of this whole, here we are, each of us with a lighted up bomb. If it’s true that finding a new life model while waiting for the big explosion isn’t easy, each of us could at least try to neutralize it’s own little bomb!”

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