24 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO4000, f/3.5, 1/30, raw

This is my blogging equipment. Using it is the very third thing I do each and every day. Sometimes the second. If I’m not shooting, then I’m working on/with one of these, constantly. Depending where am I and what I am doing, I may use only one or all three of my apple devices. If I have to leave home for a day or two, they always came along. These are the tools through which Luca can become digital-Luca, the only one most of you know.
So, this is my blogging equipment. What does it tell about me?
At a first glance, it tells that I’m an Apple fanatic. Now, I don’t feel like one, but I have to admit that I own almost any Apple device on the market. I would look at the picture and notice how I care to have my work well and easily synchronized among different devices (Apple family), how important to me it is to be constantly online (iPhone), how I need to be able to show my work or write a post while on the move (iPad), and how I don’t compromise performances over portability when it comes to post-processing (17-inch MacBook pro).
Without my blogging equipment, I would be “just” a photographer, digital-Luca wouldn’t exist, and I would have never come across most of you, fellows.

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