15 Jun

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO200, f/16, 1/125, raw

X/Y PROJECT – Maura Manfredi and Luca Rossini
Character nr.2 – Y

Third day of the X/Y PROJECT theme and second character, Y plane. The modularity of the project should now come clearer. As you see, the furnishing may change with the different subjects, but the table, the background, the subject’s position, and the overall aesthetic stays the same.
The participant is Laura Travanti, the costume designer who helped us with these first pieces of the X/Y PROJECT. Laura has been incredibly good in creating amazing costumes out of simple (and cheap) materials and items.
Laura feels that the social-professional life she has to routinely live is just an apparent life. A simulacrum of Life. So, she designed her frontal character to be a black, stuffed, kind-of-bird, who doesn’t move, doesn’t see, doesn’t eat, because it doesn’t live. Even if it seems too.

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