12 Jun

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO100, f/2.8, 1/500, jpeg
Vivid, +2 sharpness, +1 contrast
Photo Forge 2 on iPad

This is the last day and the last shot of the theme. And the last day and the last shot of the camping. This is me, and this is how I look like when using the EVF. I love it. And… this is a portrait because starting tomorrow I’ll begin the new theme, which will be all dedicated to portraits. A weird kind of portraits. You’ll see.
A full month shooting in jpeg and doing the post-production solely with my iPad taught me a lot. That the RX1 produces impressive jpegs, even at super high ISOs. That the iPad has many good apps for the post-production, some with tons of tools, others with tons of filters, and all of them are easy to use and quick to operate. That the combo RX1-iPad makes it possible to produce good photography on the go and to travel around with camera and computer all day long without ever feeling the weight. And that, yet, I’m too in love with shooting raws and doing fine post-production with a large screen laptop. I’ll be back to that as first thing tomorrow…
So, for the post-production of this last shot I went for what is my favorite photographic app so far, that is, Photogene. It’s brushes and gradients are just brilliant. Sure, nothing compared to what I do on my raws with Aperture on big and powerful laptop, but still pretty amazing for a jpeg post-production on an iPad. So, I would definitely suggest any iPad user to download Photogene and Snapseed (since the latter is free, it won’t hurt). Photo Forge 2 is good too, and provides some pretty cool filters and many professional tools. Photo Shop Touch, instead, is crippled by its inability to save jpegs any larger than 12Mpx, so if your camera has a sensor better than that stay away from this app as it is now.

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