22 Feb

Sony RX1, 35mm f2 Carl Zeiss
ISO640, f/2, 1/80, raw

Finding me in what surrounds me. Let’s start from what I surround myself with, the things that define the recurring moments in my daily life. Because they compose the scenography of my ordinary, the commonness of each and every day of mine, a sort of visual background of my life so usual to become almost invisible.
This is my breakfast, this is the very first thing I do each and every day. Before breakfast I’m not Luca, especially before coffee. This is the moment in which I definitely leave the realm of numbness and I start being a productive member of society.
So, this is my breakfast. What does it say about me?
Well, I guess it says that I need walnuts to keep my cholesterol at the right level, that I need fiber-rich cereals to help my bowel movements, that I need low-fat milk to keep my ass from getting huge, and that I need coffee to put my brain at work.
Without my breakfast I would be a high-level cholesterol, constipated, fat, and dumb human being.

6 thoughts on “10/365 – “Myself” nr.10”

  1. Mmm real coffee, is it true that Romans only have milk in the morning? I used to be a big fibre guy for breaky but have moved to protein now instead, but as you I must have coffee first although I suspect yours is off a much higher quality, mine comes from a keurig 😉


    1. Hey Erich, yes, it is true, we usually drink milk solely in the morning. We may add a few drops of milk in the espresso after lunch or in the afternoon, but that’s all.
      If you see anyone having a cappuccino after diner, he/she isn’t Roman 🙂

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